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A memorial site in honor of Kurt W. Simon…
A man of great integrity and wisdom.

Kurt in Malibu

When I first met Kurt Simon in 2003, I had no idea the everlasting impact he would have on my life.  When he passed away in 2007 I struggled with how to properly remember a man who had changed the course of so many individuals… a man who had championed the freedom of being an individual. 

In 2012, in honor of Kurt’s pending 100th birthday, Kurt’s widow Atsuko Kawahara and I chose to create a living monument to his life across the pages of this website

Over the past 8 years, this website has grown and changed.  We have added new photos and documents as they have been discovered.  We have reached out to people that knew Kurt, and added their stories and memories to the site. Now we are proud to release the latest redesign of KurtSimonSays.com.

We have significantly simplified the navigation, by sorting the website into 4 categories:  

Kurt Simon (New York 1937)

                     ALL ABOUT KURT:  

In this section you can learn about Kurt’s life and history.
 You will find his biography there as well as some of his educational shorts and a film he produced.  You will also find out all about the Sovereign Fund; Kurt’s Non-Profit Organization celebrating leaders who furthered the cause of personal and individual freedom
in America.

Ernst - 1930

                       THE SIMON LEGACY:  

The Simon family was a powerful Jewish family in Germany, but their history was largely rewritten after the Nazi’s came to power.  Here you will learn about how the Legacy is being restored piece by piece, by the work of Marc Muelling, Thomas Simon and Kurt’s widow Atsuko Kawahara.

Dollken 1


As part of the restoration of the Simon Legacy, we have included information about Döllken & Co., a revolutionary wood working and moulding company founded by Kurt’s Grandfather, Leopold Simon.  Döllken was a far reaching and forward thinking company that helped to define the small towns of Werden and Essen.

Kurt Skiing

                   PHOTO LIBRARY:  

Amongst the many treasures contained within, you will find a photo gallery, comprised of pictures of Kurt's ancestors, his early years, his life as a young man, his later years, the many friends he touched, and his life with Atsuko Kawahara as well as a slide show of pictures throughout his life.

If you would like to share some of your experiences or photos of Kurt Simon please email them to memories@kurtsimonsays.com, and we will post them immediately.  

Most importantly, please remember the intention of this site.  Like Kurt, we believe strongly that human interaction, relationships, and personal expression are amongst the highest ideals man can strive for.  Please take ownership of these pages.  Leave your comments.  Send in any additional stories you think of, email us your pictures.  

K&A Pepperdine

Today is only the beginning of this site.  Maybe in 100 years it will still be around in some for or another and we will be celebrating Kurt's 200th birthday… just imagine all the treasures, memories and wisdom we would have then if we all contribute to this site today.

Thank you for being a part of the extended Kurt W. Simon family.  If you have any additions, corrections, comments or if you just want to be in connection with me directly, my name is Dylan Stewart, and I can be reached by CLICKING HERE.

So start exploring, and enjoy the site… 

Dylan Stewart
The MacWhisperer

April 30, 2018

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